Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A True Inspiration.

Happy Birthday, Frida...
July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Breezy

I'll be the first in line to advocate for any anti-violence campaign, but isn't it about that time we let up a bit on Chris Brown?

No, it wasn't the water works during his Michael Jackson tribute (which I loved!) that made me have a change of heart. It's really just because I feel bad for the kid. He's only human - clearly, not a wise one, but indeed just human.

Ike beat Tina and got a movie out of it. I'm NOT condoning any of it, I'm just saying that perhaps shunning him and destroying his musical career wasn't the best way to reach out to him. After that BET performance, one thing is for sure, the boy belongs on a stage...and maybe in the office of a good psychologist.

Great job with the tribute, Breezy. Hope the industry let's you back in and hope you've learned your lesson - you're not allowed to fuck up, you're a celebrity. Wait, but then again, Kanye...

You know what, never mind.
Free Breezy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's been a long time...

I forgot I had this blog. Let the shit talking commence!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Killer shoes!

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You know shit's bad when...

Damn! When old, white folks are offing themselves, things have got to be bad. Real, real bad. This is in NO way meant to make light of such a serious issue (suicide), I'm just saying...when people of color are finding more reason to live (in this country) white folk must really be going through some shit. I once read that the sudden hike in the suicide rate during last recession is the reason why office windows are now sealed shut...

Middle-Aged Women Drive Suicide Rise
By Maggie Fox, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Oct. 21) - U.S. suicide rates appear to be on the rise, driven mostly by middle-aged white women, researchers reported on Tuesday.
They found a disturbing increase in suicides between 1999 and 2005 and said the pattern had changed in an unmistakable way -- although the reasons behind the change are not clear.

The overall suicide rate rose 0.7 percent during this time, but the rate for white men aged 40 to 64 rose 2.7 percent and for middle-aged women 3.9 percent, the team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found.

"The biggest increase that we have seen between 1999 and 2005 was the increase in poisoning suicide in women -- that went up by 57 percent," said Susan Baker, a professor in injury prevention with a special expertise in suicide.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What's the Rush?

I blame Sex and the City. For bringing to light all which is true - if you're not married by 30, you're damaged goods. Okay, I'm kidding. You're not damaged goods. First of all, I don't agree with the institution of marriage (at least in the traditional sense, where it came from etc...), and second, its not legal for me to marry in this country - do the math, I'm a homo.

Nonetheless, there is an urgency for companionship in your late 20's. An "oh, shit, am I going to end up an old maid with 12 cats?". Well, not me because I'm allergic, but you know what I'm saying. I got a bad case of the "oh crap I need to meet someone" the other day. I guess it was just a poor choice of song selections on my iPod that had me thinkin' of love, or marriage, or wait, they're supposed to be one in the same, right? Anyway, so I'm sitting there minding my beez wax when a couple gets on the train, well they were either a couple or really affectionate brother and sister (hey, it happens). The man kindly offers the lady the seat (right next to me) and she grabs his bags, since he's standing. How sweet *pulls out barf bag* and at that precise moment my iPod dies. Fuck. So, its not like I wanted to be all in their business, I had no choice. It was either this couple or the two women across from me gossiping about some coworker, and since I didn't have the full story, it wouldn't have been fair to listen (even I believe myself, sometimes).

I'm jumping on board mid story, but I can tell she's going on and on about the morning she had at the gym. How it was empty and she got to use her favorite machine (its the little things in life, people). And how the only stations on the big tv's were MTV (my current employer, ironic!) and ESPN ...then goes on about how some employee comes over to her and asks if she would like to change channels, and she tells him thats its okay, she likes ESPN and how she loves sports, like its some sort of accomplishment, and then she's goes on about how the guy's so impressed to meet a woman that's into sports - what is this, 1952...unless the gym guy was Omish, I'm most certain he's met a woman into something crazy like sports. I'm looking around, so not to be caught eavesdropping, but I glance up at the guy, and he's is just somewhere else. His mind is on another planet. She's yapping, on and on and he's not even listening! But he's good at this game because he waits for his cue (for the chick to shut up) and on beat, smiles and nods and says "oh that's funny, honey". Best part is how BEFORE she's completely finished her story, he jumps in and starts telling his. Its as if he had been sitting there just waiting his turn to speak this whole time. So, he jumps in and proceeds to tell and even more boring story, something about his coworkers and a file and Bob didn't have it but Sue swore she gave it to him and it was on Toms desk the whole time *insert fake laugh here*. And I glance over at her...and what's she doing? Staring at the train floor...blank. She's not even paying attention to him. I'm like HELLO the file was on Toms' the whole time, ain't that a hoot?!?! Crickets from her. She too, waited her cue smiled and nodded, but she was good, she added a hand stroke for affection (nice touch!).

Its a tennis game, the two go back and forth with boring stories up the entire west side of Manhattan. It was a long ass train ride, a long iPodless train ride. He talks about some prick at work, she's trying to decide if to order Thai or not, neither paying attention to what the other has to say...and me, well I'm just eavesdropping hoping that THIS isn't what all relationships end up like.

Is this what we have to look forward to?...finding someone to smile and nod at while patiently awaiting your turn to speak? If so, then I'm ALL SET. At least when I talk to myself, there's always someone listening.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'...

Some shit to ponder...

1. If the Republicans take the win this November, should the Dems just call it quits?

2. Is Megan Fox the new (and improved) Angelina Jolie? Hello 2.0!

3. Speaking of part duex, is it really 90210.2 without Dylan? I mean, c'mon.

4. Even though he's an arrogant fuck, don't you just love Kanye West? Can't sing worth a lick, but his latest single is a ballad....AND its #1 on iTunes!

5. Should people of color be nervous that white people are no longer afraid to live in Harlem?

6. AND...with all of this gentrification, shouldn't they at least soften the blow by adding Bustelo to the Starbucks menu? Like "Hey Beaner, you can no longer afford rent, but for $5 you can still keep your flavor..."

7. Really Sarah Palin? ...really?

8. Why does the media care if Lindsey Lohan comes out of the closet? Could she get any worse roles than the one's she's been getting? When Mean Girls is your claim to fame, its safe to say, Hollywood isn't shittin' on you because of your sexual orientation.

9. Thank you to the Emmy's for proving that 5 over-paid nobodies can not replace one priceless gay. Bring back Ellen!

10. Is it okay to smack the shit out of "hard core"Hillary Clinton supporters that are now voting for Palin?